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Lodger Mini Bunker Poliester всесезон.спальный мешок,Vase Увеличить

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Lodger Mini Bunker Poliester всесезон.спальный мешок,Vase

MBKP 581

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Unique car seat footmuff that can be used in the car The mini bunker is a polyester footmuff made for each car seat. Through the openings in the back of the footmuff the lock of every maxi cosi with a 3- or 5 point harness easily fits. This small version of our original footmuff can be used from birth up until the age of 12 months. Make it easy for yourself This small footmuff is really convenient. It can be used in every pram or carry cot. The universal footmuff has a zipper all around so you can easily detach the upper part. When removing the upper part the footmuff transforms into a comfortable seat lining for your child. The footmuff can be used for every season and is designed so it can stay in the footmuff The hood of the bunker polyester is adjustable in size with the Velcro on top and the strings. The Bunker itself is adjustable in size with Velcro. This way you can use the Bunker even when your kid grows. Usable from birth up until 12 months. A uniquely designed hood for extra comfort and heat retention All-around zipper, easy to use Water repellent Comfortable seat liner, also for warmer days Easily adjustable for Newborns Size can be adjusted because of the Velcro and strings

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