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Lodger ShelterSportмультифункц.слинг, Cacao Увеличить

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Lodger ShelterSportмультифункц.слинг, Cacao

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The Shelter free is a baby carrier with some smart features, making it an absolute innovation for the baby sling market. Comfortable in use for both parent and child. The Shelter has an adjustable hood that retains body heat. The hood is partly made from mesh which helps retain heat around your baby's head.The inside of the sling is lined with fleece, also an adjustable stomach band has been added for extra support in the first weeks. The stomach band prevents your baby from sliding down and allows the baby to remain in the proper position.The Shelter Free is adjustable in size by pulling the strings on the back. The baby sling carrier can be adjusted in height while worn. Because of the compact method of carrying it feels like you are holding your child against your chest, yet you still have both hands free. Can independently hang on the carrier with a very simple system. Horizontal carrying min. 3.5 kg up to max. 8 kg. Can serve as a blanket for the Maxi-Cosi in the first year The back part can be reduced by tightening cords, this prevents your baby from sinking. There is an adjustable stomach belt for the first month which ensures that your baby is correctly positioned in the carrier

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