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Lodger Swaddler мультифункц.хлопк.пеленка, White Увеличить

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Lodger Swaddler мультифункц.хлопк.пеленка, White

SW 001

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Multifunctional hydrophilic cloth (120x120) The Swaddler, as our knitted hydrophilic cloth is called, is a real musthave. The multifunctional cloths are super soft, thanks to the open knitted cotton this swaddle blanket is very breathable.How to use a Swaddler? Used together with the Swaddle clips you can use this Swaddle as protection from the sun when your baby is in the stroller or car seat. Ideal as a towel to dry your baby, burp cloth, tummy time or, bed sheet in the crib, swaddle blanket. The muslin cloth can be used for a nursing cover during feeding.The baby swaddle is so soft your baby can even cuddle with it.They don't just come in plain white, get inspired by our trendy prints and designs.Washable at 60ºC

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